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Run / Walk-A-ThonWhen having a run or walk-a-thon, it is a good idea to plan this way ahead. There are lots of things that you can do to get kids more involved. For smaller events try and give things away that donít cost any money. For example, principal of the day, early lunch pass or homework pass if you can get your teachers to buy into that one. If your event gets bigger you can buy larger prizes like bikes, skateboards and iPods or if you have connections and can get these things donated that is always the best route. One of our neighbor schools does a walk-a-thon which brings in almost $100,000 per year. They do a major event which happens during the school day. The buy-in for kids is if they bring $125 in, they get to go to Knottís Berry Farm Theme Park for the day. The cost of a ticket is about $20 per student plus the bus ride, which still turns out a profit of almost $100 per student.Ben Star - Irvine, CA (Aug 17, 2011)
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